Helping you find your balance.

You're likely coming to therapy because some - or all - of your life feels out of balance. You may be tired of watching yourself do the same painful things over and over but just don't know how to do things differently on your own.

You may:
• Use behaviors that work in the short term but ultimately cause more pain in the long term.
• Feel your life is run by emotions like shame, anxiety, and guilt
• Have the same old thoughts repeat like a ticker tape in your mind day after day: "What if..." "I'm not good enough..."
* Find yourself avoiding situations where you might be uncomfortable or anxious 
* Struggle with food and your body image 

Dr. Breese Annable

Through over 10 years of practice I've learned that insight into problems is essential …but it’s often not enough. Many people continue to struggle because they don’t have the skills to change.

I can help you learn concrete skills to have more choice and control over your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Learning these skills can be the key between your emotions dictating your life or you finally being in the drivers seat. 

Reaching out can be daunting, especially if it's your first time trying therapy or if you've gone to therapy before but just not found it helpful. I’ve helped many people who’ve felt that exact same way go on to find happiness, meaning and joy in their lives. It’s totally possible!

Let’s connect and talk more about how we might work together on building a life where you’re not just existing…but finally really living!