There are many ways that anxiety can show up:

Worrying that’s hard to control, a repeating stream of “what if” scenarios going through your mind, irritability, indecision, fatigue, difficulty sleeping.

You might worry about being judged by others and find yourself avoiding social situations.

Anxiety can also come with obsessive, unwanted thoughts and compulsive behaviors that feel like the only way to make the fear go down.

Anxiety is definitely a constant companion if you struggle with perfectionism. It can feel like walking a tightrope where there is no margin for error with the expectations and standards you place on yourself. You either feel the looming fear of not meeting those expectations or the terror of maintaining them.

Regardless of how it shows up, living with anxiety makes it impossible to feel truly at ease in your life.

How I can help: 

I use a blend of evidence-based and eastern practices in working with anxiety. Depending on the type and source of anxiety, I use interventions including mindfulness based cognitive therapy, exposure and response prevention, radical acceptance, and self-compassion. These approaches can help to relieve anxiety in both your body and in your mind.

Living with anxiety is painful. By reaching out for help, you can finally free yourself from anxiety and find the confidence, empowerment, and ease you've been missing.