Ditch The Diet
It’s impossible to live in our society and not be inundated with messages about weight loss and dieting. However, have you ever wondered why yo-yo dieting is a thing? What other proposed solutions with that rate of failure are still seen as good ones?

Rather than long-term, sustained weight loss, dieting typically results in regaining the weight (and then some), along with intense feelings of shame and self-blame because you’re told that the problem is you and your self-will. It’s inevitable that a negative relationship with your body results because it keeps “failing” you. Not to mention that diet-culture sends a message that happiness is only allowed once you’ve lost weight. Happiness now isn’t possible because it’s always contingent on you and your body needing to be different first.

How I can help: 

I love helping people get off the shame filled roller coaster of dieting and begin the process of self and body acceptance. My approach is based on Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, which means that I can help you start to see the value in bodies of all shapes and sizes – including your own- and to reconnect to your body’s inherent wisdom to guide eating and movement. I can help you start to redefine and expand what “health” really means.

Time after time again there is one word that I hear people use when they take the radical step of ditching the diet mentality: freedom!