Eating Disorder Assessments

For Clients/Loved Ones:

Are you or someone you love struggling with food and/or body image but not sure if you have an eating disorder?
Do you or a loved one have an eating disorder but are unclear or confused about what level of care you need?

For Professionals:

Are you working with a client who you believe may have an eating disorder but aren’t sure how serious it is?
Are you wondering if your client is receiving the right level of support or type of therapy in outpatient treatment?
Are you looking for guidance and recommendations on whether your client needs more specialized services?
Eating disorders can be complex and life threatening illnesses. Knowing where to begin in finding the right treatment can be confusing and overwhelming. An eating disorder assessment is an opportunity for you, your loved one, or client to receive personalized, tailored recommendations to help guide your next steps.

Recovery is hard but it is possible. And some steps can be made easier. Get in touch to schedule a consultation or to start the evaluation process today!
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