Eating Disorders
Eating disorders can be all consuming and leave you feeling exhausted and out of control. Thoughts about food and your body can feel like a running ticker tape that never stops. You likely feel plagued by a belief of not being good enough– especially when it comes to your body.

How I can help: 

When it comes to treating eating disorders, it’s not about the food and it’s not not about the food. 

It’s not about the food:  Our first step will be learning together about how your eating disorder has and does work for you. Once we understand that, we'll find healthier alternatives to eating disorder behaviors. We'll also likely work on identifying and pursuing what’s most important in your life (which, when it comes down to it, is typically not your body) and reconnecting to your inner wisdom (yes, it's there!).  

It’s not not about the food
: If you’re not adequately nourished, it’s impossible to think clearly, feel emotionally balanced, and be able to do the work that recovery requires. So, we’ll talk about food. What you ate. What you didn’t eat. I work closely with dieticians and medical providers to make sure you have a whole team who is working with you on your recovery.

Your life doesn't have to keep revolving around food or your body. Let's work together to find the lasting freedom that comes with moving beyond your eating disorder.