Dialectical Behavior Therapy
It can be hard to live in the world when you’re an emotionally sensitive person, especially if the people in your life weren't able to validate your experiences. And if you never had a chance to learn the skills to manage intense emotions, it’s like being given a Ferrari but never being taught to drive.

You may struggle with intense emotions such as shame, anger, sadness, anxiety, and emptiness.In order to escape or manage the pain of these intense emotions, you may use behaviors that work in the short term (such as self-harm, substance use, food) but cause more problems in the end. You may also find yourself with a tendency towards black/white thinking and problems in your relationships.

How I can help: 

I offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which is the type of therapy that has been shown to effectively treat these problems. Through DBT, you will learn skills to:
  • Become more present, aware, and less reactive
  • Connect to your inner wisdom (yes, it’s there!)
  • Think in a more balanced and flexible way
  • Be more in control of your emotions
  • Communicate effectively
  • Get good at solving problems in your life
  • Tolerate pain without making it worse
By learning to have more choice and control with your emotions, thoughts, behaviors, you can build a life that you truly want to live!

*  At this time I am not able to offer comprehensive DBT but can offer DBT-informed therapy for clients who may benefit from DBT but not need the comprehensive treatment.