I am am out of network with all insurance companies. By seeing an Out of Network provider, you are responsible for paying upfront for sessions and I will provide you with a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement, depending on your individual insurance policy.

If you would like to learn your Out of Network benefits, I suggest asking your insurance company the following questions: 

• Do I have Out of Network benefits that cover mental health?
• Do I have a deductible that I have to meet for Out of Network providers?
• Do I have separate deductibles for In Network and Out of Network providers?
• How much have I currently paid towards my deductible?
• What percentage will you reimburse once my deductible is met? 

My fees for therapy sessions are $225.00

Eating Disorder Evaluations are $450.00

If you are in need of low cost/sliding scale therapy ($30.00-$50.00), Open Path Collective  is a great resource for you to consider.

All  patients are legally entitled to a Good Faith Estimate. Click here to learn more.