The first step in our work together will be to either schedule a 15 minute phone consultation or one hour in person session. This first contact is a chance for us to talk about what you’re wanting to work on in therapy and what you’re looking for in a therapist.

If we mutually decide that we’re a good fit, I recommend clients begin with meeting weekly to maximize progress. We’ll put together a treatment plan where we prioritize the problems you’re wanting to address and discuss your goals. Goals will definitely include getting a sense of what a meaningful, fulfilling life would look like for you. I believe that therapy isn’t just about solving problems, it’s about actively building a life that you are happy to live.

My approach to therapy works best for people who want to work between sessions and want an active, engaged, and structured style of therapy. Therapy is just like anything in life: the more you put in the more you get out. In fact, I believe that therapy is not an office you come to once a week, but how you apply what you learn in that time to the rest of your life! Each week we’ll work together to get a greater understanding into a problem that occurred during the week. With that insight, I’ll teach you skills that I think will help you to do things differently next time. Each week we’ll also check in on how those skills are working for you to make sure you’re seeing change happen.

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